Born in North Carolina, Christopher Martin is a multimedia graphic artist exploring the African diaspora and traditional American tattoos. His symbols pull from racist ideologies, but Martin reclaims them, manipulating and twisting their hateful intentions while laying bare the continued relevance of this work. Martin’s approach is meditative and physical, often working while listening to the blues - from painting, cutting and stitching fabric, and tattooing — until a metamorphosis takes place.  Driven by a desire to push history in the overlooked and abandoned, Martin's work pushes the boundaries of utilitarian materials and confronts aesthetic perceptions of contemporary injustices. 

Christopher Martin lives and works in Oakland, CA.

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To Whom It May Concern is an unapologetic series by Christopher Martin, dedicated to the unfair world. It is painted in satirical, epistolary style messages written by angels of slavery used to warn and address segregation.